Five ways to boost your energy (without coffee)

Five ways to boost your energy (without coffee)

Beat the midday slump with these natural energy boosters. 

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Feeling tired but don’t want to reach for the coffee just yet? Here are five caffeine-free solutions for those days when you’re running on low.

  1. Take deep breaths—A technique called double breathing can help boost alertness by exciting the sympathetic nervous system. To try it, simply inhale through your nose, starting with a short, sharp inhalation and ending with a longer one. Then exhale through your mouth using that same pattern. Repeat five times with a short break
  2. Connect with nature—Research shows that spending time in nature can help boost your energy. In fact, according to the University of Rochester, 90% of people feel more energized after spending time outdoors.
  3. Go on a power walk—If you’ve ever felt more alert after a cardio session, it’s partly because of how exercise boosts your oxygen circulation. A 30-minute walk can accomplish just that.
  4. Drink water—Skip the caffeinated and sugary drinks and go for a glass of water instead. Dehydration can lead to feelings of sluggishness and leave you feeling drained, even if you’re getting enough sleep. Consistently drinking the right amount of water throughout the day will keep you feeling your best.
  5. Chew sugar-free gum—According to a study at Coventry University, chewing gum stimulates something called the autonomic nervous system and helps boost energy levels. (As a bonus, chewing gum can even help prevent cavities!)

The next time you’re hit with that midafternoon energy slump, try these tips for a quick boost.