Clever ways to eat more fruits and vegetables

Clever ways to eat more fruits and vegetables

Add some more color to your diet with these simple tricks.

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If you’re finding it difficult to fit enough fruits and vegetables into your diet, you’re not alone. According to the CDC, only 1 in 10 adults meets the daily recommended amount of five servings a day.

To get you started, here are a few clever ways to incorporate more of both into your lifestyle:  

  • Mix into a smoothie—Boost the nutritional profile of your smoothie by throwing in a handful of leafy greens like raw baby spinach. Mixing in fruits like pineapples and bananas will help balance out any bitterness.
  • Incorporate into your favorite foods—Add some color to your pizza with your favorite veggie toppings. You can even take it a step further by making a cauliflower pizza crust. For dessert, end the day with a fruit-based dessert like sorbet or strawberries dipped in dark chocolate.
  • Add a dip—Make eating raw fruits and vegetables more enjoyable by paring them with your favorite dip. Some popular combinations include celery and hummus, apples and nut butter, or, if you’re feeling creative, bell peppers and whipped feta. The combinations are endless!

With just a few small adjustments to the way we consume fruits and vegetables, it’s easy to make meeting our daily recommended target a more enjoyable experience.