Don’t let your vacation derail your fitness goals

Don’t let your vacation derail your fitness goals

Planning a vacation? Don’t forget to pack your swimsuit, sunscreen and, of course, your fitness routine. 

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Let’s admit it. Working out and eating healthy are probably the last things on our minds while on vacation. To help keep you energized on your next big adventure, here are three simple ways to make healthy choices no matter where your travels take you.

  1. Work out anywhere: Who says you need a gym to work out? Take your bodyweight exercises like push-ups and planks to the great outdoors, and, while you’re there, go sightseeing on foot or hike that scenic route you’ve been hearing all about. Exercise may not even feel like exercise when you’re busy exploring exciting, new locations.
  2. Pack healthy snacks: Stay energized on your travels by packing healthy snacks like granola bars and string cheese. Look up grocery stores near you and stock up on fresh fruits and vegetables as well. When dining out, remember that you can still enjoy yourself by opting for meals that are balanced in a variety of food groups.
  3. Time your break: If you’re planning on taking a break from your usual gym routine, that’s perfectly okay! Just make sure it’s no longer than two to three weeks, which is around the time you may start to experience a significant loss in muscle strength. However, if you’re concerned about losing any progress at all, keep in mind that it’s possible to notice some loss in muscle strength after about a week.  

While it's important to take a break from your everyday routine every now and then, healthy habits are one of the few things you can take with you anywhere you go. Happy (and healthy) travels!