5 dental hygiene tips for sparkling teeth

5 dental hygiene tips for sparkling teeth

Enjoy the perks of a healthy smile.

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Get ready to smile. Here are five dental hygiene tips that’ll not only have you looking great but feeling great too.

Use a straw: If you’re a regular coffee drinker or enjoy the occasional soda, try using a straw to limit direct contact between the beverage and those pearly whites. Like coffee and soda, foods like curry and balsamic vinegar can also stain teeth, so enjoy in moderation.

Clean teeth regularly: Brush your teeth at least twice a day and carry a portable dental kit when traveling to keep your teeth healthy and clean on the go. If you choose to brush between meals, be sure to wait at least thirty minutes after eating to avoid damaging your enamel. 

Consume sugar wisely: While it’s best to consume sugary foods and drinks in moderation, when you do have them, try to schedule them close to mealtime—whether that happens right before your meal, right after your meal or even during your meal. Increased saliva production while you eat can help wash away any particles that may have otherwise been left behind.  

Drink water with fluoride: Prevent cavities by drinking water containing fluoride. Fluoride helps keep teeth strong, so you can keep on enjoying a confident smile.

Avoid tobacco: Not only can tobacco consumption lead to unsightly gum recession and gum disease, but it can also cause discoloration of the teeth and soft tissue of the mouth. For help quitting smoking, remember that resources are available.

It’s no secret that a healthy smile is also a good-looking one. Add these tips to your lifestyle and dental routine and get ready to smile brighter than ever!