The therapeutic power of quiet time

The therapeutic power of quiet time

Enjoy the health benefits of silence — plus, how to achieve peace and quiet. 

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Sound is everywhere — whether it’s the traffic whizzing by outside your window or your neighbor hammering away at their latest DIY project.

No matter where you go, noise is difficult to escape, especially when you need to unwind after a hectic day. Fortunately, we have a few simple solutions to transform a noisy, busy home into a quiet, therapeutic retreat. 

Find peace in doing nothing: For many people, relaxation comes with a sense of guilt. You might feel the urge to get off the couch and dive into an unfinished project. But remember: doing nothing is still doing something. Even if you’re doing nothing, you’re still working — working to recharge your batteries, that is. 

Establish quiet hours: If you don’t have the advantage of living by yourself, discuss establishing regular quiet hours with your housemates. Choose a time when everyone has settled down for the day — perhaps an evening after dinner (as opposed to a busy morning).

Soundproof your home: While renovating your entire house might be out of the question, a few simple, cost-effective tweaks can help you reduce noise. If your floors aren’t carpeted, for example, consider placing a thick rug in a high-traffic area to help muffle loud footsteps. 

At the end of a busy day, don’t forget to take a few hours — or even brief moments — to indulge in some quiet time. Just a few moments each day can work wonders to improve your health, with benefits ranging from improved focus to reduced blood pressure .