How laughter can improve your health

How laughter can improve your health

The health benefits of laughter are no joke. 

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What’s something that never fails to make you laugh? Your favorite stand-up comedy special? A clever pun? Your cat or dog’s silly antics?

Whatever it is that gets you laughing, health experts recommend that you get even more of it. According to research, laughter can lower the stress hormone cortisol.1 But the benefits of laughter go beyond that. Here are just a few:

A natural pain reliever: Research links genuine laughter to pain relief. “Viewing or participating in comedy led to higher pain tolerance, the researchers found, and there was a dose-related response to laughter: people who laughed more felt less pain later.”2 

Improved cognitive function: According to research, laughter and cognitive function go hand-in-hand. In fact, laughter can “positively impact memory, brain development, overall mental health, and more.”3

Boosted immune system: Did you know that laughter can release antibodies that aid in fighting infection? Laughter’s stress-relieving benefits also help to boost your immune system.4

So whether it’s your favorite comedy movie or that friend who never fails to make you smile, don’t forget to laugh today!