Brushing and flossing: It’s not just good for your teeth

Brushing and flossing: It’s not just good for your teeth

Discover all the amazing health benefits that will have you reaching for the floss and toothpaste.

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Need a little extra motivation for brushing and flossing? As it turns out brushing and flossing can benefit more than just your teeth. If that’s not enough motivation, here are some surprising health benefits of keeping up your oral hygiene routine:

  • Better overall health: When you regularly brush and floss, you reduce the risk of inflammation and bacteria caused by gum disease, which can contribute to better overall health.1
  • Protection against respiratory issues: Brushing and flossing reduces the amount of harmful bacteria in the mouth that can be inhaled into the respiratory system. These bacteria can contribute to or exacerbate existing respiratory conditions.1   
  • Diabetes management: Because gum disease is more prevalent in people with diabetes, brushing and flossing can help manage inflammation in the mouth and may help manage diabetes more effectively.2
  • Lower risk of cognitive decline: It turns out that there is also a link between oral health and brain health. According to the Journal of Post-Acute and Long-Term Care Medicine, regular flossing “may help prevent cognitive decline and dementia later in life.”3
  • Improved stomach and intestinal health: When we think of gut health, we usually think of diet. However, your oral hygiene also plays an important role in maintaining good gut health. Research supports that “bacteria in our mouths have been proven to have the potential to travel to our stomach and intestines.”4

Remember that your oral health is connected to your total health. This makes it that much more important to invest time in your oral hygiene routine.