Stay in-network for the lowest out-of-pocket costs

Stay in-network for the lowest out-of-pocket costs

Avoiding unexpected medical bills is one of the many benefits of using in-network providers.

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Your health plan gives you access to a network of doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, medical centers and other facilities. By choosing providers in your plan’s network, you’ll save money and avoid unexpected medical bills.

Q: Are there other advantages to using in-network doctors?

Yes. Your in-network PCP coordinates your care to ensure that you get the right care at the right time and that you don’t pay for unnecessary or duplicate tests or procedures.

Tip: Be sure to notify your PCP if you receive care at an ER or urgent care center so he or she can keep on top of your medical history.

Q: Will I get quality care?

Absolutely. All doctors in our networks are board certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties or the American Osteopathic Association. They may also be credentialed through the Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare® (CAQH) or another professional organization. You know you’re in good hands with a Cigna in-network doctor.

Q: How do in-network providers save me money?

In-network providers agree to accept a discounted rate for covered services. For example, you pay a low copay for routine visits with your in-network primary care provider (PCP). To get the same services out-of-network, you would have to pay more. If you have a serious illness or injury, the difference could add up to thousands of dollars.

Here's an example of doctor charges for a surgery:*

If you choose an in-network doctor: If you choose an out-of-network doctor:
Doctor charges $15,000. Doctor charges $15,000.
Your Cigna health plan covers $10,000 (the contracted rate). Your plan covers $10,000.
You pay nothing. (The doctor is not allowed to bill you for the difference.) Doctor bills you for the $5,000 difference.

Q: How can I know if a provider is in-network?

Different plans have different provider networks. To find in-network providers for your specific plan:

  • Log in to
  • Download the myCigna® App** and find in-network providers on the go

The health care providers and facilities that participate in the Cigna network are independent contractors solely responsible for the treatment provided to their patients. They are not agents of Cigna.

*This is an example used for illustrative purposes only. Actual covered charges and out-of-pocket costs will vary by plan. Refer to your plan documents or call the number on your ID card for details about your specific medical plan.

**The downloading and use of the myCigna Mobile App is subject to the terms and conditions of the App and the online store from which it is downloaded. Standard mobile phone carrier and data usage charges apply.