The Cigna Healthcare Group Foundation partners with the YMCA

The Cigna Healthcare Group Foundation partners with the YMCA

See how Cigna Healthcare and the YMCA are working to improve community vitality.

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Over the next three years, The Cigna Group Foundation will support the YMCA in its mission to boost community vitality and ultimately improve the physical and emotional health of community members. The program has been made possible by a $1 million grant and will take place in Houston, Memphis, Nashville, Phoenix and St. Louis. 

“Building connections—whether at home, work or school—is central to improving the health and vitality of individuals and our communities,” says David Cordani, Chairman and CEO of The Cigna Group.

In fact, research suggests that the higher individuals rate their vitality, the more likely they are to feel a sense of community belonging.

To reduce social isolation among seniors, for example, St. Louis plans to host community-building activities like fitness classes, Senior Olympics, pickleball, community gardening and classes on nutrition. In other regions, youth will have the opportunity to learn firsthand about government and policymaking. They’ll also have post-secondary opportunities designed to prepare them for success later in life.

As we work to improve community vitality, our partnership is just one of the many steps we’re taking to positively impact one individual at a time.