Benefits of building and maintaining muscle mass

Benefits of building and maintaining muscle mass

Building and maintaining muscle mass isn’t just for bodybuilders.

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You may be surprised to learn that the benefits of building and maintaining muscle mass go beyond having a toned physique. Here are just a few of the ways that muscle mass can positively impact more than just your physical appearance.

Increased sense of well-being: Look and feel good with a strength training routine, even if it’s just twice a week. Studies show that regular strength training can significantly reduce anxiety as well as improve symptoms of depression.

Functional Strength: Get ready to perform day-to-day tasks with ease. As you build and maintain your muscle mass, you’ll notice that your weekly load of laundry or those groceries you’re carrying into the house feel lighter than usual.

Boosted metabolism: Did you know that building lean muscle mass can increase your resting metabolic rate (RMR)? That means you’ll burn more calories while your body is at rest, helping you maintain a healthy weight with less effort.

Joint support and protection: Support and protect your joints with a regular strength training routine, which can help strengthen the muscles surrounding your joints. Strength training is especially beneficial to those with arthritis.

Improved blood sugar levels and insulin sensitivity: Well-maintained muscles require more energy, which leads to increased glucose uptake from the bloodstream. This helps lower blood sugar levels and prevent insulin resistance.1

Regardless of whether you’re a professional bodybuilder or a recreational exerciser, building and maintaining muscle mass is an important part of looking after your health. The next time you hit the weights and need a little extra motivation to push through your set, keep these benefits in mind!